Flush Face Screw Type BOP Couplings (FSI-BOP-CC)

Designed especially for blow out preventers accumulator systems in the oil and gas market. These couplings are API 16D certified. Available in our color safe option.

  • High-tech Z-786 anti-corrosion plating – salt spray tested for 700 hours before any appearance of surface red rust

  • High working pressure

  • Connects and disconnects by hand up to 4,400 PSI

  • Seal is blowout resistance when connecting and disconnecting with residual pressure

  • Exceeds 1,000,000 impulse cycles

  • Flat face design eliminates spillage upon disconnection

  • Thread to connect style coupling eliminates brinelling issues

  • Heavy duty hex nut with wings

  • Lloyds Certificate upon request