Hydraulic Fittings & Connectors for Sewer Cleaning

Periodic maintenance on sewer lines help prevent buildup from soap, grease, sediment and other potential blockages. Luckily, DNP Americas produces many different products for this specific industry in order to keep trucks and employees operating efficiently.

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Standard ISO 7241-A (PAV1) and ANV poppet style couplings that are ideal for general purpose hydraulics.


Standard ISO 16028, flush face general purpose coupling. This coupling is ideal for markets where non-spill couplings are a must.


Standard ISO 16028, flush face couplings used for high working pressures to 7,350 PSI. This coupling is commonly used with high pressure and/or high impulse applications. Plated with a high corrosion resistant plating.


(PBV1) Standard ISO 7241-B and an industrial poppet style coupling that is an industrial interchange coupling.


(PBV1) Standard ISO 7241-B industrial interchange. Where brass couplings are needed.


Straight thru unvalved coupling that is commonly used in pressure washer applications.


Brass wing style screw to connect coupling that can connect and disconnect under residual pressure.

BV2 & BV2B

2-way block or round body style valve that are offered in either carbon steel or stainless steel.

BV3 & BV3B

3-way dual port (L) or (T) block style valve.


Carbon steel construction with silver trivalent plating.


Inline full port brass ball valve.


2,000 PSI full port ball valve.


Inline full port ball valve with a 1,000 maximum PSI.


Inline full port ball valve with a 2,000 maximum PSI.

BBV-600 Male/Female

Inline brass ball valve full port male by female valve.


Brass ball valve with a 450 maximum PSI.


Compact one wire braid, high flexibility and excellent bend radius.

Cold Wave

High impulse cycles.

Freedom 3000

3,000 PSI constant working pressure, lightweight with good flexibility.

Freedom 5000/6000

Isobaric spiral hose with a high impulse cycle of 500,000.

Push Lock Hose

Textile braid; wrapped cover used for petroleum based hydraulic fluid, gasoline, water, diesel fuels, lubricating oils, glycol, mineral oils, and more.


Wide range of standard hydraulic use.


Compact hose with 2-wire pressure ratings.

Freedom 10K

compact Freedom 10K design with an abrasive resistant smooth cover.


5,000 PSI constant pressure, high impulse cycle.


6,000 PSI constant pressure, high impulse cycle.

Waterblast Hose

Water blasting market.

200 Series

Most popular Triton hose fittings designed for use with Triton hoses (2-wire braid).

400 XF Series

Fittings that have a strong structure designed for surge pressures and spikes, high impulses, and vibration (4 spiral).

600 SF Series

Fittings that have strong structure designed for extreme pressures and spikes, high impulses and vibration (4 and 6 spiral).